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Hair Waxing

Estheticians use a couple of different types of wax to remove hair from the body. Both are applied with disposable sticks of varying sizes, depending on the detail required in the area being waxed.

  • Hard wax. This wax is applied and allowed to cool and harden. It is then quickly yanked off of the skin with fingers. A quality hard wax does not stick to skin — only to hair — so can often be used on clients with sensitivity issues.
  • Soft wax, also called strip wax, is a product that becomes the consistency of honey when heated. It is spread very thinly across the skin, and covered with a muslin or non-woven strip. When the strip is removed, hair comes with it. Ingrown hairs can be a problem with soft wax, but it’s the most practical type of treatment for large areas, such as legs, arms and backs, where hard waxing would take forever to accomplish. Your skin care therapist will likely put a bit of powder on your skin before spreading the soft wax, to help keep the wax from grabbing skin when it hooks onto hairs.


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